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“Effortless Fundraising”

In addition to our two major fundraisers, there are a number of opportunities that exist for donating to STA that require little time or are “effortless fundraising” opportunities including the following options:

Social Media 


Enlist the help of your friends and family on Facebook! Use the link below to easily create your own Facebook fundraiser for STA: https://www.facebook.com/fund/stapostleschool/


You can also enlist the help of your friends and family through your Instagram Stories!
1. Open the camera and take or upload a photo that best highlights STA! You can also use “Create Mode” to create a post with text only.
2. Tap the “sticker” icon at the top.
3. Select the “donation” sticker.
4. Search for and select “St. Thomas the Apostle School” (look for the STA logo next to the name)
5. Customize your fundraiser post.
6. Tap “Send To” and then tap “Share” next to your story.

SCRIP Program [Gift Cards]

shop_w_scrip_largeScrip is a nationally recognized fundraising program.  The term scrip means “substitute money.”  School families, parish families, staff members and the community are invited to purchase scrip in the form of gift certificates from national and local retailers that can be used just like cash.  Scrip can be used to purchase everyday items like groceries, clothing, gas and other essentials.  With every purchase, businesses donate a certain percentage of the Scrip monies to STA. Order forms are available in the School Office.

For more information on how you can give to STA please contact Mary Alice Howard, Director of Advancement at 773-667-1142 or mhoward@stapostleschool.com.

Check out the information on an upcoming bonus rebate day! “Thank Scriping Day” – September 17, 2020



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