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Extracurricular Enrichment

extracurrThe end of the school day doesn’t mean the end
of the opportunity for discovery at St. Thomas the Apostle.  Numerous extracurricular activities are offered after school that allow students to explore their creativity, develop new skills, and learn more about leadership, individual and group responsibility and teamwork.  Most of the activities are geared to students in kindergarten and above, but a few may be of interest to older four-year-olds.  Some require a fee, while others are free.

Although our after-school enrichment programs are generally scheduled for twelve week periods, some are conducted as shorter interim sessions.  A list of programs is distributed three times a year.  Parents/guardians must register students for each session individually since the programs are coordinated by separate supervisors.  Participation in extracurricular activities at
St. Thomas the Apostle is considered a privilege.  Students are expected to follow the guidelines
of each program designated on the individual registration forms.

Program offerings depend on student interest but have included:

Piano & Guitar Lessons



Improv Club


Chess Club

Gospel Choir


Science Club

Are you interested in starting an extracurricular enrichment program after school at STA? If so, complete this form!

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