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Athletics & Physical Development

IMG_1163St. Thomas the Apostle’s athletics program is currently led by Coach Clifton Satterfield. An Athletics Committee, comprised of parents, alumni, parishioners, and other interested adults, assists in promoting the program.


Participation in St. Thomas the Apostle’s sports program provides students with the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to function as part of a team
  • Learn about and practice good sportsmanship
  • Experience the special bonds that occur
    between teammates
  • Grow in self-esteem
  • Provide a healthy opportunity to have fun

STA students who have passing grades in all subjects are eligible to participate in the following league sports:

Flag Football: Grades 5-8
Basketball: Grades 7-8

Basketball: Grades 5-8
Volleyball: Grades 5-8

Basketball: Grades K-2, Grades 3-4, and Grades 5-6
Track: Grades 3-8

League sports are offered provided the following criteria are met before the program begins:  a minimum number of students have registered for the sport, a league or venue exists in which to compete, and a coach and assistant are available.  Without these criteria, a sport will be organized as a club activity.  In addition to the above, cheerleading or a cheer squad is also available for girls in grades 5-8 depending on the availability of a coach.

Registration & Fees

Parents must register their children for sports, pay program fees, turn in physicals, and submit any other pertinent forms prior to the season of play.

League sports fees are as follows:

  • $80.00 per sport per child
  • $120.00 for two sports if paid by October 1, 2018
  • $150.00 for three sports if paid by October 1, 2018

If payment is made after October 1, then the cost is $80.00 per sport per child.  Participation in football or volleyball requires fee payment prior to the season. The discount is only good if 2 or all 3 sports are paid by October 1, 2018.


Students must have a complete physical examination and a written statement from a physician affirming they are physically able to participate in St. Thomas the Apostle’s athletic program. Students may not practice, scrimmage, or participate in any games without a physical on file with STA’s athletic department. All physical forms must be given to the player’s coach prior to the first practice.


STA is excited to announce that we will be partnering with Playworks again for the 2018-19 school year. Playworks is a non-profit committed to providing all students with high-quality structured play during recess time. Our partnership with Playworks will include the following:

  • One assigned faculty member to be responsible for leading all recess classes as the recess coordinator. Ms. Holifield will be our recess coordinator in addition to working as a teaching assistant this year.
  • A dedicated recess coach from Playworks who will work with our school’s recess coordinator and our faculty on running team-building activities and structured games during recess.
  • Professional development for our faculty on how to build community in the classrooms.
  • Monthly class game time with Playworks to help with team-building and classroom community.
  • A Junior Coach Program for 4th-6th graders. This will be an after-school club to teach the students leadership skills and conflict management so that they can help lead class games at recess.

To learn more about Playworks, visit their website.

We Got Game

We Got Game partners with STA to help our students learn different sports skills and the importance of good sportsmanship. The coaches also encourage our students to live an active, healthy lifestyle. Each year, We Got Game partners with us on the following:

  • Teaching weekly physical education classes to students in Pre-K – 8th grade.
  • Planning and running our annual Field Day in partnership with the STA Home and School Association.
  • Running a sports camp as a part of our summer school program.
  • Providing students with after school club opportunities when available.

To learn more about We Got Game, visit their website.

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