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STA’s COVID-19 E-Learning Program

Date posted: July 9, 2020

Our e-learning program began on Monday, March 16 and lasted through the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. The goal of our e-learning program was to best replicate the learning experience that our students receive in our building. While we recognize that there are certain components of in-person learning that cannot look the same on-line, we have worked to develop a robust e-learning program that works to ensure our students receive the same learning outcomes.

Were students and families provided with materials for e-learning?

Before leaving school on Friday, March 13, students were given necessary hard copies of materials to take home to begin the e-learning process.  Families were also invited to borrow Chromebooks from the school if the child did not have access to a device at home.

What are the ways teachers engaged with students during e-learning?

Our teachers used two different platforms depending on the age level of students – ClassDojo and Google Classroom. Every day at 8:00 am students received all of the materials necessary for the day’s lessons, including teacher-created videos. Teachers utilized Zoom video calls to host whole class lessons and to work with small groups. Families received daily communication from their child’s teacher with the schedule for the day. Daily lessons for reading, math, writing, and at least one content area are sent each day. Teachers continued to move forward with the planned curriculum for the year and taught new content throughout the trimester to prepare students for the fall. Our youngest students actively participated in a robust e-learning program with daily reading, math, phonics lesson videos and activities, daily read alouds, and Zoom calls.

Our teachers also used a variety of methods to continue to build classroom community and to motivate students during the e-learning program using Zoom. Classrooms were still able to participate in important moments of the school day, such as Morning Meetings, Lunch Chats, Go Noodle dances, art class, and special Friday activities for students who completed work during the week. Our specials teachers (art, music, physical education, computer/library, Spanish) also continued to offer lessons weekly. These lessons were optional for students.

As a school community, students were invited to participate in weekly Motivational Monday assemblies through a pre-recorded video shared on ClassDojo.  Our administration also posted videos giving “shout outs” to students who worked especially hard that day.

Were students graded on the work they are did during e-learning?

Teachers expected students to submit assignments daily. Assignments were graded and students received feedback from their teachers regularly. Families continued to receive updates to their child’s grade book on PowerSchool as they typically would. Report cards were distributed in June, as usual. Students who were unable to complete assignments due to extenuating circumstances were not penalized.

How did you celebrate important end of the school year events?

Special events transitioned to become virtual events during the school closure. These included our school’s annual gala, STArry Night, Children’s Book Week, the Kindergarten Celebration, monthly all school Community Celebrations, Eighth Grade Graduation, Grandparents Day, Step Up Day, and a Talent Show.

Sample E-Learning Lesson from 1st Grade Teacher, Ms. Beckert:

Parent Testimonial:

I would like to share with you the AWESOME job that the teachers have been doing throughout this e-learning process. They have made this an effortless and smooth transition. They do not hesitate to answer any questions from both parents and students. They make it a priority to keep the kids as connected as possible during these times. Their efforts and plans to make learning for the children their top priority has been truly a blessing and I just wanted to “CONGRATULATE” [STA] ON A JOB WELL DONE. I know that I can truly speak for both myself, my children, and the STA parents that WE ARE HONORED TO BE APART OF SUCH GREATNESS.”
– Current STA Parent

STA will host an E-Learning Summer Program this summer. This program is open to students who are registered for the 2020-21 school year in Pre-K 4 – 8th grade.

If you are interested in learning more about STA and applying for the 2020-21 school year, please contact our Admissions Coordinator, Tareema Jean-Baptiste: tjeanbap@stapostleschool.com.

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