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god’s children in extraordinary variety

STA Leadership Transition

Date posted: June 29, 2020

June 22, 2020

Dear St. Thomas the Apostle Community,

I hope you are all enjoying a relaxing and safe start to your summer. The building is quiet for now, but we are excited for students and families to return in August for the 2020-2021 school year. I am excited to announce some of the transitions being made within our STA family.

Mr. Tim Gallo will be transitioning into a new role within the archdiocese, working both as a leadership coach at St. Thomas the Apostle and an executive director of a Big Shoulders Fund school. In his new role at STA, Tim will coach and support the STA school’s administration in living the school’s mission and achieving their academic goals. We are excited for Mr. Gallo as he transitions into this new role and comforted to know he will support STA from behind the scenes. He will work with the new principal to support school culture, advancement, admissions, professional development, and instructional coaching.

 It is my pleasure to announce that Ms. Erin Monahan will be promoted to the position of principal starting this year. Ms. Monahan has worked at St. Thomas the Apostle for the past five years. Prior to teaching at STA, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in history and secondary education from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA. She was a middle school teacher while she completed her master’s degree in elementary education from Loyola University Chicago. Ms. Monahan then transitioned in the assistant principal role while she completed her principal licensure coursework through Loyola University Chicago. She plans to continue doctoral coursework in administration and supervision at Loyola this fall. Ms. Monahan is committed to the mission of St. Thomas the Apostle School. Her leadership experience, relationship building, and team approach make her a great fit to lead our school community.

Join the STA School Board and me in congratulating Mr. Gallo and Ms. Monahan in their well-deserved promotions.



Fr. Chris Kituli

June 26, 2020

Dear STA Families,

I am writing to inform you that I will be transitioning to new roles at St. Thomas the Apostle and another school within the archdiocese. I am excited to continue to work with STA next school year as a leadership coach and consultant, helping Ms. Monahan as she transitions to her new role as principal of STA. In addition, I will be working as executive director at a  school in the Big Shoulders Fund network. I will still be supporting Ms. Monahan and STA in planning and strategy for the school’s academics, development, marketing and enrollment, and finances and operations. I am grateful that I will have the opportunity to continue to support Ms. Monahan and Father Christopher next year. I have complete confidence that Ms. Monahan will do an excellent job as principal and that she will successfully guide STA into the future.

I am finding it hard to believe that I am writing this letter today. STA has been the foundational experience of my professional career, and one of the most beloved institutions in my life going back to when I started at STA as a 4th grade teacher in 2010. I have treasured all of the time I have spent at STA as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal. In 10 years, our school has grown to become one of the strongest schools in the city and archdiocese This has involved a lot of hard work from many people in our community.

 I would like to take this time to acknowledge the many members of the STA community who have  made my experience as a teacher and administrator so meaningful. I want to thank all of our parents, past and present, in our school community. Your continuous support and dedication to our school has been crucial in establishing our school culture. You have given your time, talent, and treasure to make our school into the wonderful place it is for our students. Next, I would like to thank the wonderful teachers and staff I have worked with at STA. Our faculty and staff are the engine of our school, and the people who make an impact every day with our students. Every one of our teachers has worked every day to improve and to do more for the benefit of our students. I feel humbled to work with educators who taught me so much and to work at our school with such mission-driven, student-centered people. Thank you to the parish for their support and commitment to our school. I want to thank the other members of our school leadership team – Mrs. Damico, Mrs. Howard, and Ms. Monahan. They have been wonderful confidants, supportive colleagues, and independent thinkers who have constantly challenged me and pushed me to grow as a leader. I have felt blessed to work with such smart, selfless people. Finally, I want to thank all of the students I have served during the past 10 years at STA. Our students have been my source of inspiration and they have provided me with immeasurable joy. They filled me with hope for our future and they have reminded me that STA students and alums have an ongoing impact on our school, community, and world.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of STA as a teacher and a leader. I look forward to helping STA next year to see it continue to serve God’s children in extraordinary variety.


 Tim Gallo


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