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god’s children in extraordinary variety
STA Highlights 2013-2014

(Current Highlights)

STA Highlights 2013-2014

Peace Corps Volunteer Inspires St. Thomas the Apostle Students

March 25, 2014

IMG_7112Community service took on an entirely different meaning for St. Thomas the Apostle 7th and 8th graders after hearing the stories of Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Nicole Redmond. A public health volunteer in Guinea, West Africa from 2004-2006, Ms. Redmond shared the realities of adapting to the language, food, housing and limited technology of another country. Inspired by her experience,students were curious to know more – Did she get to choose her volunteer country? Did she have to have any special training to be a Peace Corps Volunteer? What did she do do when she wasn’t working? Was she able to communicate with her family at home? Would she like to go back? Who knows, maybe one day one of our students will help promote peace and friendship in the world by choosing to “live, learn and work with a community overseas!”

STA Students Attend African-American Heritage Prayer Service

March 2, 2014

STA’s 8th graders IMG_6569had the privilege of attending the Archdiocesan African-American Prayer Service “This is Our Story” at Holy Name Cathedral.  Filled with music, dance and reflection, the event was a time to Remember, Celebrate and Rededicate.  Under the guidance of 8th grade teacher Mrs. Xanthoula Melachrinidis, our students created a wonderful banner to represent St. Thomas the Apostle in the opening procession.  The Prayer Service featured the stories of Pierre Toussaint,  Mother Henriette Delille, Mother Mary Lange and Fr. Augustus Tolston, inspiring ancestors who led extraordinary, exemplary lives and were actively involved in their communities.  Those ancestors are with us today, bringing faith and hope to all, for God is represented in every color of the rainbow – and in God’s Children in Extraordinary Variety.


St. Thomas the Apostle: A Family Tradition

February 28, 2014

St. Thomas the Apostle announces the first three generation family to attend its school! The Catholic New World  just featured a very special article highlighting this STA family who is very familiar with 5467 S. Woodlawn Avenue.

Go ahead, take a look at the article! Will you be STA’s next third generation family?

STA: Catholic Schools Week Sock Hop

February 20, 2014

STA students danced the afternoon away at the Sock Hop!

Catholic Schools Week  is a time to celebrate at St. Thomas the Apostle!
A variety of special activities demonstrate the faith values students gain as a result of  their Catholic education. This year, in addition to the abundance of Valentines and place mats students made for our service men and women and residents of Montgomery Place, the entire school community enjoyed the biggest event of the week… the STA Sock Hop!  The school-wide Sock Hop  featured popular line dances performed by different grade levels. Students who participated in the Sock Hop brought gifts for the Kenyan Boys School and the Hyde Park-Kenwood Food Pantry. STA was able to raise over $90,collect  over 150 non-perishable food items and over 50 pairs of socks for those less fortunate.  The sense of community within our St. Thomas the Apostle family and beyond was evident throughout Catholic Schools week and especially during the Sock Hop!  Nice job STA, we are proud of our Raiders!


STA Hosts Parent Education Night: Raising Successful Students

January 29, 2014

IMG_6495Alumni parent Linda T. Sales returned to St. Thomas the Apostle during Catholic Schools Week to share her proven methods for helping students achieve educational success. As a single parent, Ms. Sales raised two children who were not only successful students but also became rising stars in Chicago’s tech community. After graduating from St. Thomas, Sales’ son, Neal Sales-Griffin, attended Mt. Carmel High School and Northwestern University. He is the co-founder and CEO of the Starter League in Chicago, a tech school for coding and design.    Her daughter, Noelle Sales-Griffin, graduated from St. Thomas, Seton High School and Kalamazoo College where she earned a degree in biology, a minor in art and a concentration in environmental studies. Noelle currently serves as a social science researcher at the University of Chicago.

During her presentation, Ms. Sales stressed that collaboration between parents and teachers is one of the most important factors for student success. As a parent, Ms. Sales also felt that it was her job as a parent to make sure her children came to school happy, prepared to learn and ready to soak up knowledge. She achieved that, in part, by praying with them in the car on the way to school every day. According to Ms. Sales, truly successful students have a love and desire for learning, which ultimately transpires into children who love to go to school.

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