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School Uniforms & Spirit Wear


The school dress code is important to our parochial school. We have developed a standard of proper dress and general appearance for our students that will demonstrate the Christian values of our school program.  We believe that the dress code will enhance the educational purpose of our entire student body. Families must cooperate with it and set aside individual desires for the good of the overall school community. The clothing and appearance of all students should be appropriate, modest, and neat.

School uniforms are designed to remove the pressure of competition and economic status for students.  Uniforms permit a neat, consistent appearance and allow students to concentrate on their studies. The uniform code is strictly enforced by the school faculty and administration.  All uniforms should be clean and free of holes. Shoes and socks must be worn at all times. Grooming and hairstyles meet a given standard.


Students in grades Pre-K through eighth wear the uniform as described in the Parent Handbook. The school uniform features the stylized STA initials on the outerwear. All students wear the uniform for Physical Education class described in the handbook. Please note the uniform requirements for shoes as well.

Along with the uniform clothing are guidelines for student appearance.  Parents are urged to carefully read the rules for uniform wear at each grade level. The Dress Code and rules for the uniforms at each grade level are listed in the Parent Handbook.

Parents should ensure that all students wear the complete uniform to and from school. On gym class days, students are to wear their gym uniform to and from school. Students who come out of uniform will receive a uniform violation notice. Students will receive a warning for their first notice, and the student’s family will be fined $20 for each subsequent violation. 

The school has the right to hold students out of class if they are not following the dress code. Parents are responsible for making sure that their child comes to school in uniform, and parents are expected to support and enforce the school’s dress code.


There are three resources for ordering school uniforms. They include:

79th & Harlem at the Bridgeview Court Plaza, Bridgeview, IL 60455; 708-598-8008


3517 W. 95th Street, Evergreen Park, IL 60805; 708-425-6287

OR families may purchase gently used uniforms from the school supply closet at $5 per item. Gently-used school uniforms are available for sale throughout the year and can be arranged through the school secretary. 

The gym uniform may be purchased through the companies listed above. Some School Spirit Wear tee shirts *but NOT ALL) may also be worn as part of the gym uniform. Orders for School Spirit clothing and items are made periodically through special orders throughout the year in store at Martinelli’s and online. 

N.U.T. DAYS (No Uniform Today)

Occasionally, students are allowed to dress out of uniform for special days or as a special reward.  N.U.T. cards are earned throughout the school year as stated in school newsletters. N.U.T. days are not permitted on school gym days, when students attend our School Mass, or when they participate in a field trip.  Students are not to ever dress in clothing that is unbecoming to a Christian student. Clothing worn for N.U.T. Days is to be neat and modest and a student’s appearance must conform to the Appearance section of the Dress Code Policy in the Parent Handbook. 

The principal will make the final decision as to whether a particular article of clothing is appropriate for a N.U.T. Day.  See N.U.T. days in the Parent Handbook for details.

If an article of clothing is deemed inappropriate by the principal, the student will be asked to call home for a change in clothing or for their school uniform to be brought to school, and will receive a uniform violation.  Students unable to reach a parent may be asked to put on a school uniform from the extra uniform closet instead of continuing to wear the article of clothing that was deemed inappropriate. Repeated noncompliance will be noted on the student’s report card.  Administrators can suspend N.U.T. card use for a period of time.


On School Spirit Days, students may wear clothing that is official St. Thomas the Apostle Spirit Wear. Spirit wear orders can be made online. Check both the School Spirit Day and the N.U.T. sections of the Parent Handbook for guidance about appropriate attire for these events.

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