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St. Thomas Students Shine at Regional Science Exposition

Date posted: March 29, 2015

The impact of St. Thomas the Apostle’s inspirational science program was evident at the Illinois Junior Academy of Science Regional Science Fair held at the Museum of Science and Industry on March 7, 2015.   Exhibits by eighth grade students Maurice Brooks, Adam Handy and Madelyn Whisenhunt, were all award winners at the event for non-public middle schools and high schools.

Maurice Books used a fan and a wind tunnel he created from a cardboard box to test how the number of winglets on a paper airplane effects lift and drag.  Just Wing It earned Maurice third-place honors at the fair.

For Why am I Burning Nuts?, a second place winner at the fair, Adam Handy burned five different kinds of nuts to see which would have the most potential energy and burn the longest.

Lions and Tigers and Water Bears, Oh My! was a first place winner for Madelyn Whisenhunt.  Madelyn checked moss, lichen, sand, pond water and Lake Michigan water to see where she would find the most water bears, or Tardigrades, microscopic organisms found in virtually every environment on earth from the benign to the extreme.  As one of the top scoring students at the Regional Fair, Madelyn qualified for the State Science Fair to be held May 2nd and 3rd at Southern Illinois University.

Congratulations to all of three of these outstanding students for their extraordinary efforts!



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