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Congratulations to the Class of 2017!

Date posted: June 7, 2017

Congrats, Graduates!

We are so proud of our 8th grade graduates who are moving on to high school next year!  They enjoyed a special awards dinner last week on Friday night and a beautiful graduation Mass on Sunday.  We look forward to hearing about all of the great things you accomplish in the future, Class of 2017!

Check out their high school placements:

Ciara Boston— Josephinum Academy

Carleton Campbell Jr.— Harold Richard High School

Taylor Cannon— De La Salle Institute

Elliot Clark— De La Salle Institute

Anaya Gibbs—Waubonsie Valley High School

Kyle Johnson— De La Salle Institute

Kendi Lacour— Kenwood Academy

Jae’la Leavy— De La Salle Institute

Artem Massey— Mount Carmel High School

Amarii McCray— De La Salle Institute

Tyra Richardson— Saint Ignatius College Prep

Jaliyah Smith— Rich Central High School

Naomi Taylor— De La Salle Institute

Aniya Thomas— De La Salle Institute

8th Grade Awards Dinner

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Graduation Day

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