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Alumni Reunion Celebrates St. Thomas the Apostle School, Lifelong Friendships

Date posted: August 13, 2016

Over 90 St. Thomas the Apostle gradates of the elementary school and high school gathered in Hyde Park August 5-7 for a celebratory reunion.  Alumni representing classes from 1964 through 1980 attended the weekend’s festivities that included Friday night’s Meet & Greet, Saturday’s Reunion Banquet, and Mass at St. Thomas the Apostle Sunday morning,  followed by a reception and tours of the school.  A heartfelt thank you to reunion committee members for giving everyone in attendance the opportunity to take a walk down memory lane:  Alice Barland, Elizabeth Copper, Zenobia Grubbs, Jan Hicks, Mary Ann Lloyd, Sharon Musser, Lugenia Radoford, Theresa Rhea and Yolande McGee Savory.  Be sure to view special moments from the weekend in the 2016 Summer Reunion gallery!

“Life is a journey, not a destination.  How many times have we heard or read that quote?  The beauty as we well know is definitely in the journey.

We journeyed…We came from all over Chicago – Beverly, Chinatown, Kenwood, Chatham Woodlawn, Englewood.  We traveled from 39th and Cottage Grove, the Westside, South Shore,Federal and State Streets, and a few from up north, and quite a few from the very eclectic Hyde Park.

And we journeyed…We came from two parent homes, single parent homes, affluent and not so affluent homes (even though we didn’t realize we weren’t affluent at the time – because we were able to go to a private, Catholic school).  At STA we weren’t forced to be a family, but we became on due to the hard work and nurturing of the nuns and priests.

We were dropped off from cars, we took CTA, and we walked, all to get to St. Thomas the Apostle Elementary and High School.

Our journey…We entered a school, a building in which we were allowed to be ourselves. To be happy, to be silly, to be nurtured and to most importantly to be educated.  We wore uniforms, which some of us loved while others used to pray for ‘dress-up’ days when we could wear ‘regular clothes’.

Once inside we were safe – safe to explore life lessons and the knowledge of what the world contained.  These lessons the nuns gave to us unselfishly.  We attended Mass and we prayed, which was such a blessing.  We sat in classes that challenged us and made us realize what we could accomplish with our hard and necessary work.

We left realizing that we were prepared for success – whether we started college or started jobs, AND then the real traveling began – realizing that we had developed lifelong friendships.

And here we are – all together.  Brought together from far and near to see old friends, to reminisce, and to consciously honor the fact that we went to St. Thomas the Apostle Elementary School and St. Thomas the Apostle High School.”

Lugenia Radford ’70



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