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School Advisory Board

The St. Thomas the Apostle School Advisory Board is a consultative body that provides advice to the pastor and principal on matters concerning the school and all associated activities.  Working collaboratively with the pastor and principal, the Advisory Board assists in establishing the current and future direction for the school as part of the total parish mission.  Members of the Board include parents, community members and administrative staff.  Board members serve three year terms and commit to monthly meetings in which they meet in committees and as a full Board.  The goal of the board is to maintain an excellent Catholic and vital parish school.

Parents, parishioners and community leaders are encouraged to participate on the Board as either full Board members or members of committees to further the growth and development of the school.  Board committees include Academic Excellence, Finance, and Advancement.  Membership recruitment is conducted annually through various communications from the school.  Those interested in taking an active role in guiding the future of St. Thomas the Apostle School should contact the principal or the Board president.

St. Thomas the Apostle’s School Advisory Board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00am in the Principal’s Office August through June.

St. Thomas the Apostle School Advisory Board Membership

David Dault

Raymond Lodato
Matthew Micheli
Gina Cleggs
Ashley-Lauren McLean
Shaka Rawls
Jon Bennett
Carla Burford
Doug Lowery
Tareema Jean-Baptiste

Rev. Christopher Kituli, Pastor
Erin Monahan, Principal
Maria Beckert, Assistant Principal
Mary Alice Howard, Director of Advancement

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