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Points of Pride

We are proud of the work our teachers and students do throughout the school year. On this page, you will find just a few points of pride for STA from the 3rd Trimester of the 2018-19 school year.

Project-Based Learning at STA

This year, the teachers planned project-based learning units for their students. Project-based learning is a teaching approach where students explore and respond to a complex problem or question with real world application over an extended period of time in order to create a product in which they have a voice. All students had the chance to participate in a project that helped critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and self-management skills, while developing key understandings. All families were invited to Family Night earlier this trimester (photos below) so that they could learn more about each grade’s final product. These are the essential questions from each grade’s unit:

Pre-K: How can we recycle more at STA?
Kindergarten: How can we build a positive environment that encourages kindness?
1st Grade: How can we learn from our past and present leaders?
2nd Grade: In what ways do we recognize important people? What characteristics make someone important in history?
3rd Grade: What makes a successful business?
4th Grade: What can we learn from disasters involving water?
5th Grade: What are our options when planet Earth is no longer a sustainable place to live?
6th Grade: How can we solve world hunger?
7th & 8th Grades: How does food distribution effect the issue of world hunger?

Faculty Highlights

Mr. Wetherald
Congratulations to Mr. Wetherald, our 7th grade homeroom teacher and middle school social studies and religion teacher, for winning the Nick Iosue Outstanding Teacher Award from Mount Carmel High School! This award is given annually to grammar school teachers who embody Mr. Iosue’s dedication and enthusiasm for teaching and learning. Nominations for this award are made from members of the student body and parent community at Mount Carmel. Mr. Wetherald was nominated by a former STA student. He was honored at Mount Carmel’s annual Honors Banquet this trimester.

Ms. Jones
In April, STA’s Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Jones presented at the 2019 National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics annual math conference, which took place in San Diego, CA. She presented with a group of other early childhood teachers who all work with the Erikson Institute Early Math Collaborative. This is an initiative supported by the Big Shoulders Fund which helps develop teacher leaders who support early mathematics teaching and learning across a network of Catholic schools in Chicago. Ms. Jones enjoys learning from her colleagues who are a part of this co-hort. “I can enhance my professional development as a learner in the process as well as be a knowledgeable other to teach my colleagues. It is a phenomenal feeling!”

Mrs. Gough 
Empower Illinois has been honoring teachers who have been nominated by parents during the month of May. STA’s 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Gough, was nominated by an STA parent, Diamonique! Check out her story below:

“My daughter attends St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School of  Chicago. I would like to share how amazing her second grade teacher Mrs. Gough is. Mrs. Gough pushes my child to tackle harder concepts. She has helped my child’s reading fluency to go from 19 wpm to 70 wpm within a few weeks of the first semester. I am disabled and she goes over and beyond to help me help my child with free reading and math resources. These resources help me to study with my child without frustration or anxiety. She helps my daughter with concepts that she struggles in. Her communication is amazing and she can be reached all day. She is an amazing teacher to the school and to the education community within Illinois. She has been an awesome leader, teacher, and role model. She will be truly missed when my daughter moves on to 3rd grade.”

Congratulations, Class of 2019!

Please join us in congratulating STA’s Class of 2019! They have worked hard during their time at St. Thomas and we are very proud of them! We wish them all the best at their future high schools during the next 4 years!

St. Thomas the Apostle School Class of 2019
Sasha Alexander-Palmer — De La Salle Institute
Kyle Boxill — Holy Trinity High School
Amyr Desruisseaux — Oak Park River Forest High School
Quincy Garrett — De La Salle Institute
Isabella-Rose Gonzalzles — Niles North High School
David Green — Mount Carmel High School
Jermaine Hampton Jr. — Mount Carmel High School
Eugene Hobbs III — Homewood Flossmoor High School
Netert Johnson — St. Ignatius College Prep
John Kemp Jr. — St. Ignatius College Prep
Madison Lavalais — Kenwood Academy
Tatiana Moore — Jones College Prep
Marie Norkett — Morgan Park Academy
Jeremiah Perkins — St. Laurence High School
Devin Richardson — Mount Carmel High School
Isaac Saffold — Mount Carmel High School
Jackson Shavers — De La Salle Institute
Kennedy Shelby — Evergreen Park Community High School
Christian Siewert — Kenwood Academy
Sophia Speller — Kenwood Academy

First Communion

We wish many blessings on the STA students who made their First Holy Communion this year:

STA School First Communicants:

Frieda Dewane
Eric Campbell
Alessandro Caronia-Brown
Jayla Powell
Harper Kohn
Noah Kendrick
Beckett Dault


Thank you to all of the Grandparents and Grand Friends who attended our first GRAND Day at STA! We hope you enjoyed visiting your grandchild’s school and that we will see you back at STA again soon!













Field Day

Thank you to the HSA and all parent volunteers for your help in making this year’s Field Day such a fun day for STA’s students!

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