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god’s children in extraordinary variety


Mission Statement

The mission of the St. Thomas the Apostle School community is to lead, challenge and encourage God’s Children in Extraordinary Variety as they grow in faith, knowledge, and commitment to service.



St. Thomas the Apostle School is a center of academic excellence where students’ spiritual, moral and character development is nurtured.  Students are educated in a supportive learning community that demands their best each and every day.

St. Thomas the Apostle School provides a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum grounded in the Catholic faith and Christian values.

Partnering with parents and the entire St. Thomas the Apostle Parish community, enhances our distinctive curriculum that is focused on preparing students to succeed as life-long learners with 21st century skills.  All are committed to working together to ensure that each student understands what it means to live their faith and use their talents as responsible citizens in stewardship to others and the world.



The faculty and staff of St. Thomas the Apostle School, in their efforts to achieve these objectives, hold certain convictions which underlie the learning process.  We believe in:

  • The recognition of Jesus Christ as the meaning and purpose of our school.
  • The dignity and worth of each person and the importance of individual differences and potential.
  • The importance of open and continuing communication between school and home.
  • The shared responsibility of school, home and community for children’s growth and development.
  • Fostering students’ personal responsibility and accountability.
  • The need for a warm, supportive school environment in which all children feel welcome,accepted and safe.
  • The importance of responsiveness by the faculty to the interests, needs, and learning styles of individual children.
  • The importance of teaching children ways to transfer learned skills to real world applications.



St. Thomas the Apostle School believes that childhood is the most critical period for the development of attitudes, habits, capabilities, and skills, and that the curriculum encompasses all that a child experiences in his life at school.

The purpose of the school is to create a faith-filled environment. The pastor, principal, staff, teachers, parents, and other community members lay the foundation for a love of learning, instill a sense of personal worth and respect for others, and develop critical thinking skills so that our children can grow to be responsible and practicing citizens. We endeavor to develop a community of learners where respect, collaboration and excitement for learning prevail.  Quality Catholic education is provided for students in preschool through eighth grade in a caring and family atmosphere.


The main components of the educational program are:

  • Embracing a faith to be lived within a believing community.
  • Developing Christian attitudes and habits as a contributing and supporting member of a diverse community
  • Acquiring essential knowledge, skills and techniques with the stimulus of practical application.
  • Integrating technology skills and applications.
  • Encouraging creativity and self-expression.
  • Promoting each student’s personal academic, artistic, and athletic gifts and talents.
  • Nurturing each child to help balance their physical, intellectual, social, emotional and ethical development as a whole person.
  • Promoting leadership as a service to others.
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