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god’s children in extraordinary variety

Reach for the STArs 2019

Date posted: November 7, 2019

For over 10 years, my family has had the pleasure of being a part of the St. Thomas the Apostle School community. My son, Matthew, began as a scared Pre-K student and is now a strong and confident eighth grader.  When I think about our time here at our school, I strongly believe that STA has played an integral part in my son’s academic and social emotional development. The school administration, teachers, and staff care for students and are truly passionate about ensuring our children receive the absolute best education possible. I will never forget a time when Matthew’s Kindergarten teacher called me personally to inform me of an accident he had in gym class. She showed great compassion and concern for my son. That is something that I will never forget and one of the many reasons I love STA. My great love and appreciation for STA is why I find it important to volunteer and offer my financial support. It is important that we all support STA, and why I am asking you to support our Reach for the STArs campaign.

A gift made to Reach for the STArs will make an impact in the following ways:

  • Providing students with scholarships.
    • Currently, 50% of STA students receive a scholarship and most families would not be able to enroll their students without some form of financial assistance.
  • Improving the school building.
    • With a growing student body, our school building needs attention. It needs paint, repaired lockers, and new lights throughout the building, just to name a few areas.
  • Supporting and retaining our excellent teachers.
    • Your gift will allow us to honor the commitment of our teachers to Catholic education and provide them with leadership opportunities within the school.

We ask that you make a commitment to support our Reach for STArs campaign by making a donation. Your generosity will make a difference in our school by allowing us to provide students with enhanced educational opportunities

Thank you in advance for your support. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mary Alice Howard, Director of Advancement mhoward@stapostleschool.com.




Gina Cleggs
STA Parent & Advisory Board Member

It was the summer of 2016. I had just graduated from Xavier University and was about to embark on an 810-mile road trip from New Jersey to Chicago with my parents. I was restless about this move. I was anxious to see what the city of Chicago had to offer, and I was ready to begin the career I had been working towards for four years. Having moved seven times state to state, I wasn’t nervous about making Chicago my home. Little did I know, it wouldn’t be the city that made the 12 hour drive worth it, but rather a little school that sat on South Woodlawn Avenue.

St. Thomas the Apostle School has become my home over the course of my four years in Chicago. Home, to me, is a place where you always feel welcome, safe, supported, and challenged to grow. St. Thomas does just that for their students, families, and staff members alike.

My colleagues are some of the most compassionate, driven, and supportive people that I know. They work countless hours to meet all the needs of their students in an effort to live out our motto of serving God’s children in extraordinary variety. I am inspired daily by the creativity and rigor each teacher sprinkles into their math, English Language Arts, and religion lessons. On top of this, the relationships and rapport each teacher builds with their students are unparalleled. The students at St. Thomas are encouraged to be their unique and most authentic self, which, to me, is just what home does.

The faculty’s desire to shape the minds and bodies of their students knows no end, which is why your donation to the Reach for the STArs campaign is so influential. By financially contributing to St. Thomas this  year, you are supporting another student’s ability to feel welcomed, safe, supported, and challenged to grow. More importantly, you are allowing more people to continue to call STA home.

Maria Beckert
1st Grade Teacher

I have two children at St. Thomas. Maggie is in fourth grade, and Beckett is in third. They have been at the school since our family moved to Chicago in 2013, and it has been an incredible experience for all of us.

When we first arrived, the school was struggling a bit with enrollment and finances. What has impressed me, from an institutional standpoint, is that the administration and parents have worked together these past five years to increase enrollment and reach financial stability. The school is now a success story in the Archdiocese and committed to continuing improvement.

What impresses me the most, however, is the holistic approach to learning that St. Thomas shows to its students. The school is committed to strong academics, but the goal is greater than just “head learning.” This school is about “heart learning” – to form whole persons, and to create whole and healing communities.

The most concrete example for our family has been the focus on a “virtue of the month” these past couple of years. My wife and I have found the emphasis on virtue in the school has created the opportunity for conversations about positive behavior in our home and in the world. It has created new ways each month for us to think about how we might listen to each other, and grow together.

The other example I can point to is prayer. Neither my wife nor I were raised Catholic. As adult converts to the faith, we don’t always know the rhythms or the expectations for our daily lives. St. Thomas has taught our children these rhythms. Maggie and Beckett, in turn, have helped to bring more prayer and vibrant worship into our family life.

I am so thankful we made the decision to enroll our children at St. Thomas. It has been such a benefit to their minds, but also their hearts and their souls. I am grateful to the staff, and to this wonderful community. I ask you to consider making a gift to the Reach for the STArs Fund today to support the continued growth of our school.


David Dault

STA Parent & Member of School Advisory Board


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