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STArry Night 2017 – Read All About It


STArry Night
April 22, 2017


As part of the fundraising aspect of STArry Night, the children of St. Thomas sent this message about their school and what it means to them.  Extraordinary children!  If you would like to contribute to our mission please follow this link to give online.  

(It is never too late to give!)  Thank you!

2017 STArry Night Auction Sponsors



And another way to give:

These are some of the local businesses who supported STArry Night with donations of items for the silent auction or made contributions to help off set our expenses.  Please thank them by supporting them in turn.  Always choose to take your business to someone who supports our school!





Honorary Chairs Lend their Support to the STArriest of Nights!Preckwinkle 2

We are thrilled to announce that three of the strongest women in Illinois politics — three women we are honored to call our friends — will be the Honorary Chairs for STArry Night 2017.  Toni Preckwinkle, President of the Cook County Board; Barbara Flynn Currie, STA alumna and Illinois State Representative; and Leslie Hairston, Fifth Ward Alderman, will be with us on April 22 to raise a glass to toast the children — the extraordinary children — of L Hairston BF CurrieSt. Thomas the Apostle.

Event co-chair Bronwyn Nichols Lodato says, “We would have been happy just to know that they were planning to come to the event, but to have this endorsement of our school is wonderful.  Everyone knows how important education is to the people who live in this neighborhood. And STA parents have chosen to trust the school as the best option for their children.  Now we’ve heard from three community leaders who have taken note of our excellent programs, too.  We’re pleased and proud!”

Childcare Available!

Let us take this right off your to-do list.  We’ve arranged childcare for you — childcare that will make your children glad you’re going out! Working with Hyde Park Neighborhood Club, committee member Ashley-Lauren McLean has set-up a great deal for STA parents:  $12 per child for the evening including snacks and a movie and time with their classmates.  For more information, including a link to the Google Doc registration form, contact starrychildcare@gmail.com.


The brand new STArry Night Raffle offers up a chance to win two tickets to the most desirable entertainment event this year:  Hamilton. hmi-slide-1 Your $25 raffle ticket enters you in the drawing for two tickets for June 8, 2017.  Two tickets in the eighth row.  STA parents, you can earn volunteer hours selling raffle tickets because the winner need not be present when the drawing is held at STArry Night.  This link allows you to purchase raffle tickets (and make reservations) right here at the STA site.

Three Quick Ways You Can Help

  1. Make your reservation today!  Call your friends, get your sitter (watch for news on this one:  we can help!) and plan to celebrate STA!
  2. Decide how you can contribute to the silent auction.  Once you have an idea, download the STArry Night 2017 Donation Form here and send it to STA, c/o April Gluth.
  3. Who do you know who knows someone?  You can help us with the auction solicitation process or with finding event sponsors by making a call on our behalf or just referring someone to this website where they can learn more about STA — and STArry Night!  You might even forward the STArry-Night-Sponsorship-Form 2017, or, in case they don’t know much about STArry Night, the first edition of STArry Night News Issue I

STArry Night in the Fundraising Line-up at STA!

STarry Night is a night of great celebration for the extended St. Thomas the Apostle School family.  A time for us to recognize the outstanding programs that we offer our children, the committed teachers who build learning centered safe spaces in their classrooms, and the extraordinary children themselves.

We have a drink and nibble on great appetizers, we bid on fun auction packages, we have dinner —  and we raise paddles because our primary goal here is to raise money.  Yes, we through a great party but we do it so that we can raise money.

One of the changes in our advancement program this year is the focus on more philanthropic opportunities for everyone. “We are moving away from what we call ‘transactional fundraising’ as our major means of augmenting our operating budget,” says Mary Alice Acton, the acting Director of Advancement, “and including more of a focus on just giving. We need a balance that ultimately will allow us to reach more children and continue to strength our programs. Transactional fundraising is just that, a transaction. Because the transaction means we have purchased something that we are then selling to you, we make less profit and have to sell even more stuff. And we have the feeling that we are constantly asking for money.”

Principal Tim Gallo adds, “The resulting irony is that we aren’t ever actually ‘asking’ but rather selling and we don’t like to ‘nickel and dime’ you. We won’t ever abandon the programs that children and their parents enjoy that raise money for St. Thomas, but we’re excited to be in a position now where we can concentrate our efforts on two elements of the advancement program—the appeal in the fall and the gala in the spring—which will result in predictable and, we hope, growing revenue.”



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