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god’s children in extraordinary variety

STA Endowment Fund

“The Secret of our Garden is not what you see today, but what is yet to bloom…”

staef-1a[1]And so goes the secret of St. Thomas the Apostle School.  Children enter our doors with the scenery of their young past and from that diverse landscape, magic blooms.  Their faith, talents, and skills unfold before our eyes into a majestic garden of ideas, thoughts, and promising potential. We invite you to help us pave their future with possibilities not yet imagined.

The St. Thomas the Apostle School Endowment Fund sponsors a garden path paved with individualized bricks along the south side of the school, from Woodlawn Avenue going east towards the Church, as well as along the south side of the Church.  Commemorative bricks are an enduring way to honor STA graduates, faculty, family members and friends.  Graduating classes can even make a group purchase and memorialize their class for years to come!

The Endowment Fund provides financial assistance as needed for special projects at St. Thomas the Apostle School.  Only the earned income from the Fund is used for school support.  In effect, the endowment is a permanent resource for the school that will continue for many years!

Contributions to the Endowment are accepted at any time and are tax deductible.  A committee of parishioners supervises the activities of the Fund and decides on the distribution of an annual gift.  Previous gifts have included new draperies for the school stage, audio system updates, rugs for the music and kindergarten rooms, computers and a laminator.

The Endowment Fund welcomes the involvement of individuals interested in promoting Catholic education at St. Thomas the Apostle and encourages them to submit their names for membership on the committee.

For more information contact the St. Thomas the Apostle Parish Office at 773-324-2626.

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