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Hot Lunch Program

St. Thomas the Apostle is committed to creating a culture of wellness in our school community.
Our goal is to provide a healthy environment for students where every child has access to good nutrition and regular physical activity, both of which have been shown to impact learning. Our hope
is that through combined home and school efforts, healthy habits will be learned and practiced for life.IMG_5903[1]

Students have the option of bringing a lunch or buying a hot lunch at school. STA’s hot lunch program, provided by Food Service Professionals (FSP), follows federally approved guidelines for limiting food and drink with high sugar content.  Each lunch contains one-third of the daily nutritional requirements for an elementary school-aged student through the following three components:

  • The Hot Pack – contains entree and vegetables
  • The Cold Pack – contains fruit, dessert, utensils, and napkins
  • One-half pint of milk

FSP publishes a menu each month.  Menus are availabe to families at school and are available on the FSP web site as Menu Choice Lunch. This school year, families will be able to place all lunch orders online! For more information on online ordering for the 2017-18 school year, read this letter from FSP: FSP Parent Announcement Letter. The FSP web site also offers nutrition and allergen information to assist parents with ordering meals for their children.  Just hover over any particular menu item and the nutrition and allergen information will be displayed.

The cost for lunch is $3.25 per day for the regular menu with milk included.  Students may also order extra milk for $0.50.  Exact payment is due each month with a completed order form on the specified due date.  Checks and money orders should be made payable to FSP.  Please note: late orders are not accepted.

The principle goal of FSP’s elementary school food service is Good Food for Better Learning. Research has long indicated that absenteeism and tardiness are reduced among children participating in school lunch and breakfast programs. In addition, teachers observe that general academic performance and behavior are markedly improved among students who eat a wholesome breakfast and lunch.

Questions regarding STA’s hot-lunch program can be directed to FSP’s on-site manager at 773-667-1142 x 295.

Food-Beverage Guidelines

Parents are urged to make careful choices when selecting food or drink treats they may send to school for special celebrations, such as birthdays.  Generally, all treats brought to school for special events should be of low sugar and fat content.  Parents are encouraged to discuss their options with their child’s teacher before bringing any treats to school.  Teachers can provide a suggested list of healthy alternatives to donuts, cupcakes or candy.

Due to the increasing number of children who have allergies to peanuts and nuts from trees, St. Thomas the Apostle maintains a nut free environment.  Students are asked not to bring snacks to share that contain any kind of nuts, including products with peanut butter.  Additionally, parents should check to make sure that manufactured items, such as granola bars, have not been produced in factories where nuts have been processed.  Again, most teachers have a list of “safe treats” available for distribution.



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